fredag 13 mars 2015

Writing, grammar and the #Weddingtrip

I am at home with Ellen today so you need to work on your own.

First of all I want you to finish your writing task. You find the instructions here: Writing
I want you to finish your texts today. If there are computers remember to share your texts with me:,  otherwise, leave your texts in the classroom.

Secondly, you need to be prepared to talk about or show us what you have done when you were on your wedding trip!

When you have finished your essay, please watch the films below:

When you have watched the films I want you to work with:

Workbook p. 127-133
Workbook p. 112-115

Homework for Friday next week:
Know how to use Could, Would, Should and Adjectives & Adverbs.

/ Sara

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