söndag 24 januari 2016

How to make a difference - Eng 7

Today and tomorrow we need to finish what we started last week. (Shannon from Malmö University will join us)

First of all, we need to vote! Which is the best definition of the word REFUGEE? Go to www.govote.at and use the code 21 33 99.  You can only vote once.

Those of you how have " How to make a difference"- posters need to finish them. Add text and show me. When you are finished I want you to publish your poster here:  How to make a difference .

The rest of you need to take a look at what the groups in Spain have written in your Google Docs.

We have to decide two things:
1. Which is the best definition of the word REFUGEE?
2. " Every refugee needs.... " you have all written different things. We need to come up with ONE sentence that we can use as a head-line in our blog.

Homework for tomorrow, Tuesday, will be:
Individually, you need to come up with one argument for and one argument against taking in refugees to Sweden.
I also want you to watch a short film (6 min) about how to write an argumentative text:

If we have time we will watch these films today otherwise we do it tomorrow:

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