måndag 18 januari 2016

How to make a difference - English 7

"Everybody deserves something good in their life-
at least once. "

This is quote from a very good book written by Morris Gleitzman.

What do you think it means?
What do you think that you deserve - at least once?
What do you think that a refugee needs  - at least once?

Together with your friends in Spain you are going to work in a shared Google Document.
Today you need to
1. Start a Google Document and name it with Everybody deserves.. group 1 etc..
I will show you how to put in the correct folder.
2. You will start by brain storming about " Every refugee needs.." Write in you Gdoc so the class in Spain can see what you are writing.
3. Together with the spanish group members you are going to come up with different suggestions of "Every refugee needs..." and discuss which one you would like. The Spanish class will not be on-line at the same time as you, but if you use the chat or write in the Gdoc they will see what you are writing. Remember that we represent Furutopskolan and I don't want you write stupid things!

Here are your groups:


Maria B.G, Mariona V.S, Eva T.E

1 a  Ludvig P,  Hjalmar, Anton
1 b Elsa, Felicia , Fabian, Vendela

2. Marc, Juan, Alejandro

 2a  Anna, Erika, Ella, Molly
2b Alexander, Willem, Rasmus

3. Brian, Lea, Eduard

  3 a  Ellinor, Sara, Ebba , Johanna
3 b John, Ludvig W, Max, Algot

4. Andrés, Juanjo, Marti

4a Klara, Ebba, Daniella, Julia

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