söndag 17 januari 2016

English 7 - How to make a difference

Last time you started to create your own How to make a difference - poster. I have looked at them and they are very nice. There are not so many so I think we can publish them all!

- When you hear the word REFUGEE what do you think of? Write individually.
- Why do you think people need to leave their country? Give a few reasons.

2. Turn to your neighbour and tell him/her your answers

3. We will together create a word cloud with different words you think of when you hear the word refugee.

This is a word cloud with the words from the text about the starfish:

4. The class in Spain has done the same thing and when they think of the word REFUGEE they think it is:
"A person who has had to leave or flee his or her country due to several                         reasons such as war, religion, politics, natural disasters…."
5. I want to you to think of reasons why people need to leave their country. That people do, we already know : 
- Discuss why people need to leave their homes. How do you think you would feel if you had to leave your home and sometimes your family too?
6. You have read the definition that the class in Spain wrote. 
Which is, now, your definition of the word refugee?

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