söndag 20 mars 2016

Chaos! We need a leader!

1.       Society is in chaos. Everyone above 15 is gone...
2.       We need a leader. You need to create a mindmap of what makes a good leader. Discuss in English - What qualities do you need to be a good leader. Create your mind-map and then take a picture of it. Save the picture and publish your mind-map on the blog Never Give Up. Talk to your teacher if you need help.
3.       We need to vote for two groups to lead us. What qualities does your group have? What are your strengths and superpowers? Why should we choose you? Make a list!
4.       You are going to write a speech together and record it. Write your text together in shared Google docs. Share your documents with us as well: sarasv74@gmail.com, mathildahomework@gmail.com, mariaekelund2@gmail.com 
Remember to speak - not read! 
Your speech may be played in the classroom - be aware. You will get two lessons to complete and record your speech.

Good Luck! .

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