torsdag 3 mars 2016

What is your superpower?

Something unexpected is going to happen at your school. You don't know what!

Today you need to create a character that can survive in an unexpected environment. Your character needs to be between 12-15 and you will need a superpower.

Who are you? Create your character.
Answer the questions below by writing a letter. Use the questions and the picture below to help you. Remember to write a text. You need to write maximum one A4- page in the present tense.

We don't want you to answer the questions one by one.

You start a letter with:

Dear xxx,

You finish a letter with:

Best regards xxx

1.                                    What is your name?
2.                                    How old are you? - You need to decide your date of birth  
(01.29.03) In English you switch places between month and day. .                                    
3.                                    Describe your family
4..                                    Do you have any hobbies?
5..                                    Which is your favourite food?
6.                                   Do you have a favourite film, favourite music? Why is it
                  your favourite?    
7.                               Do you have any pets?
8.                               Who are you in school?The class clown, the shy one,the good girl
9.                               Do you think there is life after death?
10. Describe your superpower!

Good Luck

Finished? Grab an iPad and film yourself when you talk about your character and your superpower! The films will be published on

Before you come to class on Tuesday you need to take a look at the words below. You need to understand the words!
Quizlet - GONE

Maria, Mathilda and Sara

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