måndag 18 april 2016

Gone - Tuesday week 16

Leader groups!

Today you need to be in charge of the other groups!

Tell the groups which their responsibilites are and what they need to do .

You need to tell the groups that they get 5 minutes to quickly come up with ideas together in the groups and create a mind-map.

Then they get 20 minutes to finish writing. They need to describe HOW their area of activity will work. Who will do what and how will it be arranged? If they don't hand in their written descriptions on time you may change their area of activity to something else ... something nasty...!

The discussions need to be in English. You need to walk around and help the other groups with both ideas and to remind them that they need to speak English .

After 30 minutes you need to gather the groups and control if they are finished.

The group that has written the best Plan of Action needs to get their prize and motivation.

The last part of the lesson we, the teachers, will be in charge again!

/ Good Luck!

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