torsdag 21 april 2016


Last time was a disaster... The Spiders ruined everything!

1. Read the text together. Underline words you don't know and look them up. You need the words later!
 The spiders

2.. In your groups, you need to discuss how you can use your different superpowers to survive and re-build society again.
Use the iPad and record your discussions. Upload it on my Youtube channel.

3. When you have finished talking you need to prepare your final writing assignment.  Help each other in the groups to come up with ideas to write about. But, remember on Tuesday you need to write individually.

You are now going to write a personal narrative of what you have been through. Everything is over and you are now safe. You are writing this to tell your story to people who haven’t been there.
These are the big events you need to include in your personal narrative:
Give the reader your personal background and tell the reader about your superpower (think about what you wrote in your letter)
·         When all the adults disappeared
·         When the water disappeared
·         When the spiders attacked
  How you used your superpower
·         Another thing that happened (You can come up with anything you’d like)
You are going to write this in the past tense, (dåtid). Consider using linking words, correct grammar and a varied language. If you want to, use the new words you learned in the text about the spiders. When you write make sure you include your feelings and emotions, as well as sensory details. This is what will make the story into your own. How did you perceive the events? Exaggerate if you’d like. You have all interpreted the events differently so you will all have different versions of the story.

You need to write at least 2 A4 pages, handwritten. You will get 2 full lessons to complete this assignment. It will be graded. You may only use a dictionary.

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