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Today is our last lesson!

We are going to work with poetry!
You can choose between two different ways of writing a poem:
1. Haiku
2. Sensory Emotion poem

Read the instructions and then choose which one you would like to write!


The Haiku below is inspired by Erin Lane.

A Haiku is a Japanese poem that does not rhyme.
 It is a poem that describes something in nature.
Haiku poems have three lines, with a certain number of syllables in each line.
Line 1 = 5 syllables
Line 2 = 7 syllables
Line 3 = 5 syllables


The Ocean 
Beautiful ocean
Roaring waves crash down on me
Floating in the foam

The Beach 

Sand scatters the beach
Waves crash on the sandy shore
Blue water shimmers

First, think of a topic about nature. Think about the things that you have seen outside. Close your eyes and picture a moment outside and everything around you. Below, write down what you see and hear.
What in nature are you describing? ____________________________
Write down what you ‘see’ and ‘hear’: ____________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
Now, make that shorter choosing less words: _____________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________
Finally, fit it into three lines with the right amount of syllables:

 _______________________________________________5 syllables _______________________________________________ 7 syllables _______________________________________________ 5 syllables

Pick a headline and write your Haiku on the computer. You may use Canva.com if you want to.

Sensory Emotion Poem

Title (Emotion)
(Line 1) (Emotion) is (color)
(Line 2) What does the emotion taste like?
(Line 3) What does the emotion smell like?
(Line 4) What does the emotion feel like?
(Line 5) What does the emotion sound like?
(Line 6) What does the emotion look like?

(Line 7) (Emotion) is _____________(include a metaphor)


Help each other if you want to! Feel free to use Canva.com to create a nice poem.
/ Sara

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