tisdag 30 augusti 2016

Virtual Combat - so real it hurts...

Engelskgruppen 9CD kommer att vara indelad i 2 olika spår beroende på vilka förkunskaper eleven har i engelska. Eleverna får i samtal med mig veta vilket spår de tillhör.

 Group 1 

Continue working with quizletLearn how to present yourself in English. How to present yourself

1. Work with flashcards. Watch the card, listen to the words and write down how it is spelled in your own language.
2. Do number 2 - LEARN.
3. Do number 3 - SPELLER
4. Do the Test. Show me your results.

Group 2

1. Start with Readtheory and work with that for 15 minutes.
2. Work in groups of three. Take a look at the cover of the book. What do you think the book will be about? Discuss it.
 - What do they look like?
- What do you think has happened to them?
- What do you think will happen in the book?
Click on the link below and write down your thoughts.
www.menti.com  Enter the code: 12 03 59.
3.  Go to Quizlet.com. Work on your own and take a look at the words.
Start with flashcards, move on to learn, speller and gravity.When you think you know the words. Test yourself. Show me the results.

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