måndag 27 februari 2017

The Absolutely.. chapter 15-20

Make sure you have read chapter 15-20.
The Absolutely True Diary

1. How to write Letters to the Editor.
2. In pairs - read the guide below and take a look at the examples:
Letter to the Editor - guidelines
3. Since you have written the same text type with Maria I will skip the step where you write together in groups. Now, remember what you learnt during your Swedish lessons and write individually:

 - Imagine that you are Junior or Rowdy. You are very upset about your life on the rez. You write a Letter to the Editor, which will be published in the Toronto Star. You protest about the way you are being treated on the rez. Choose two things that you dislike and suggest improvement.
- Write in Times New Roman size 12. Maximum 500 words.

Why do you write this? Give a background.
Include arguments and counterarguments.
Summarise with a conclusion and give advice on how to
fix the problems you write about.

Send you text to me through Google Classroom.
/ Sara

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