söndag 26 mars 2017

Four Corners Debate !

Today are we going to practice speaking!
We will start with something called "Four corners".
In the classroom you can see posters with:
1. Strongly agree
2. Agree
3. Strongly disagree
4 Disagree

I will show you statements like,:

All students should wear uniforms in school. 
School must start two hours later, because students are very tired 
Separating boys and girls help them perform better in school 
Parents must limit how much time their children spend on tech devices - two hours per day is enough
Mobile phones should be banned during the whole school day 
Grades are not necessary - children study anyway

In front of you, you have a piece of paper. If you strongly agree, you write number 1 on your piece of paper, if you agree, but are not sure write number 2, strongly disagree number 3 and if you disagree but are not sure write number 4.

Then take look at the classroom - where can you find your number? When I tell you to move around- you go to the part of the classroom where your number is.

Stand still in front of the number. Now you are going to motivate why you chose the number you did.  Motivate your opinion.

I will lead the discussion and I will make sure that you speak one at a time.

To be able to discuss we need to learn words.

Take a look at the words below:

Good Luck!

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