torsdag 30 mars 2017

Our Future Jobs

Dream job or job for a living? 

This task is inspired by Read English. You can find more via their Youtube channel. 

We will watch the video above and while you are listening I want you to fill out the form below:
The different people in the video work with things like:

Match the name with the correct job and also note if it is his/her dream job or not? 

1. Game!
You work in groups of four. On one desk you put the cards you get upside down.
One student picks a card and tries to explain what you do when you work with the job you see on your card. You are not allowed to say the occupation, instead you need to describe what the person is doing. The other members of the group try to guess which occupation it is. The student that first knows the correct answer will the get the card. When there are no more cards on the desk, you count the cards. The student with most cards has won the game.

2. Discussion!
Continue working in your groups.
Talk about the questions below:
At what age do people usually begin to work in your country? At what age do they retire?
-Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job?
-What are some prestigious occupations in your opinion?
-What makes people work? (Why do we work?)
- What is your dream job and why? 


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