måndag 9 oktober 2017

It is just a label #atouchofmidnight

You have now finished reading En droppe midnatt and we will start working with different themes from the book.

The first theme will be about identity and who you are:

Record your discussions. Use Screencastify and add your link in Google Classroom when you are finished. One in the group records and make sure that you sit close to the microphone. Start the discussion by saying your name so I recognize your voice!

"I am not black, You are NOT white. I was taught to be black."

- What does he mean?

"It is just a label"

- What does that mean?
- Do you label people? How do you know? Give examples:

"How we truly are- is found inside"
- Do you agree - disagree?

"Who would you be if the world never gave you a label"
- What do you think about this quote? Who would YOU be?

"It is the labels, you must rip them off"
- How can this be done? Is it possible? Give examples.

"Only until we stop thinking so small, we will be free"
- What does "thinking so small" mean?
- What does it mean to be free?
- Can we be free? What do we need to do?

In the book, Jason doesn't really know who he is. He is looking for his roots.

Do you think that your roots are important?
Have you ever thought about your roots and who you are?

Homework for Thursday:

Find out:
When we talk about the slavery in the US, when and where do we mean?
Where in the US were the slave states and which states were free?

Take notes since we will talk about this in class on Thursday.


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