måndag 16 oktober 2017

Slavery and the Making of America

1. For today, your homework was to find out where the slavery took place.
We will take a look at a map of the US and talk about it.

2. Go to the web page above.  Take notes and make sure you understand. Look up words if you need to.

- Group 1: take a look at the information about what happened during the 17th century.
- Group 2: take a look at the 18th century
- Group 3: take a look at the 19th century.

3. Form new groups with members from the different centuries.
Start with the 17th century and tell your friends what happened during that time.
Another group member continues with the 18th century and you finish with the 19th century.
4. Together in your groups decide which occurrences you think were the most important on the way towards freedom. Tell the whole class about them.

5.   Go to The Underground Railroad and play the game. Work in pairs and help each other. Look up words you don't know.

6. Character Spotlight 

Individually, read about your character. Write down supportive words. Be able to tell your friends about your character.

Emmanuel Driggus

Mum Bett

Harriet Jacobs


Maria Stewart

Nat Turner

John Punch

Robert Smalls

/ Sara

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