söndag 5 november 2017

Fanfiction - year 7

Writing fanfiction

Before we start working with fanfiction we need to know what it is. For Thursday I want you to read about how you write Fanfiction. Shortly, you can describe it as:
You pretend to be someone in a famous book or movie and you re-write parts of the story.
You may as well take your favorite character and put in a completely different movie or book. Let's say you put Frodo into Spiderman. What do you think would have happened?

For Thursday:
1. Read about Fanfiction
2. Decide what film or book you would like to write about (Pick a famous one!)
3. Decide which character you would like to be
4. Choose your favorite scene in the movie that you would like to re-write

Together are we going to create our first story. We work together and help each other so you all know what to do. Which film or book do you think we should work with? Tell me!

Homework for Thursday is to watch the two videos below:

PS. You don't have to write at home. We do everything in class. Just watch the videos and start thinking! See you soon.


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