måndag 8 januari 2018

Råplugg med papper och penna!

Welcome back!
The books I have ordered for the first week haven't arrived. That's why we need to do something else.
My plan is:
Some grammar!

Jippie! Let's go!


1.  You need paper and a pencil. Take look at the pictures below.
2. You need to learn when to use the prepositions of time and place.
3. Translate the words below into a language you understand well. I want you to use a pencil and not the computer.
3. Take notes and write at least 5 sentences from every column where you include the correct preposition.

Here are some links where you can practice online as well: 

Well, a little learning is a dangerous thing and you might think this a bolt from the blue and the calm before the storm. So curiosity killed the cat. Cut the mustard, but remember that haste makes waste! It is always darkest before the dawn and time is money so well begun is half done. The ball is in your court and please don't take a rain check. Break a leg and hang in there! 

What does the text mean? 
Homework is to find out! 

Homework for Thursday: 
Find out what the text means. 
Learn at least 5 prepositions on time and place per column= 30 (You will have the whole lesson on Tuesday to study.)
Challenge: Learn them all! 
Don't worry it will not be graded, but when you write or speak I will notice if you have a varied and rich language. 

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