lördag 15 december 2018

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas Traditions Around the World 

1. We are going to watch the video above in class and I want you to take short notes while you are listening.
2. You are going to work in pairs and choose one country each from the video. Tell each other about the Christmas traditions in that country.
What is special? What do they do?
3. How do we celebrate Christmas in Sweden? What is common to do? To eat?
Take short notes.
4. Go to Christmas cultures .
- Work in your pairs and help each other.
- Choose one country from the list.
-Read the text.
- Find 3 things that are different from Swedish traditions. Take notes in the Padlet by clicking anywhere on the pinboard.
- At the end of the lesson, you will tell the rest of the class about the differences you have found.
5. Then go to Flipgrid.com/c020fe7b  and choose one of the videos. Watch the student that is talking, when that video is finished:
-  Click on the green reply icon in the middle of the video.
- Click on the red record icon and start recording a video where you tell the student in the video you watched about our Swedish Christmas traditions. When does Santa come to us? What do we eat? What do we do? If you have a Christmas tree - how do you decorate it? What do you think about Christmas - do you like it or not?

- When you are done with your film, click on the pause icon and then on the green Next icon to the right. 

- Snap a selfie and add some fun stickers! (If you want to!) At last, click on the green submit icon and your reply video will be published! 

Merry Christmas!

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