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Matilda Ch 4-6

Chapter 4, 5 and 6.

1. Read chapter 4-6  together in pairs. 
2. Summarise every chapter. Write 10 sentences in English. What happened? 
3. Underline 10 words from every chapter that you don't know or don't know how to spell. Translate them into your language.  Write new sentences with the words in English. Example: 
She was a terrible woman who frightened the children and teachers. 
Frightened: skrämde 
New sentence: My horse frightened me. 

4. When you have finished reading, have summarised what happened and written new sentences - answer the questions below: 

Chapters 4–6 
Answer these questions. Work in your pairs and help each other. Both of you write the answers and them in in Google Docs. 

a How old is Matilda when she goes to school for the first time? 
b How many children does Crunchem Hall have? 
c How many other children are in Matilda’s group? 
d How old is Miss Honey?
e How many miles are on the clock of Miss Trunchbull’s car?
h How old is Hortensia?
i How many times was Hortensia in The Chokey in her first year? 
k Why does Matilda start going to school later than other children?
l Why does Miss Honey try to stay calm when Matilda multiplies twelve sevens? 
m Why does Miss Honey go to see Miss Trunchbull?
n Why does Miss Trunchbull like Mr Wormwood? …
o Why does Miss Trunchbull think Matilda is a bad girl? … 
p Why does Miss Honey go to see Matilda’s parents? … 
q Why doesn’t Mr Wormwood want to see Miss Honey? … 
r Why does Miss Trunchbull put children in The Chokey? …
s Why doesn’t Miss Trunchbull like Amanda’s hair? …
t Why does Miss Trunchbull make Bruce 

(Källa: Questions from Pearson.com) 

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