måndag 12 februari 2018

SPEAK part 2 - discussing

Take a look at the vocabulary in Google Classroom. Make sure you understand the sentences before you start reading.
Read until page 92.
Make a word-list with 20 words you don't understand.
I have created a Quizlet for the whole class. Add your words to the list - both English and Swedish. You will get the link in Google Classroom.
Before you add your own words - make sure the word isn't already included in the list. Since we are doing the list together that may happen.

Thursday week 7 

Below you find questions that I want you to discuss. You are going to talk about the questions in pairs and I want you to record your discussion and hand in to me in Classroom.
The discussion will be assessed.

1. What book does Melinda read on Halloween instead of going trick-or-treating?
 2. Describe Melinda’s lips.
3. The school has decided to change the school mascot four times. List all three previous mascots that have been used and explain why the school felt that they had to change each one. • • • •
4. What author has the school district banned from the school library?
5. Explain why David Petrakis walks out of Mr. Neck’s class. Give enough details in your answer to fully explain why he is upset.
6. Describe the art project that Melinda makes with turkey bones.
7. Why does David Petrakis video his social studies class?
8. Who is the “IT” Melinda refers to?
9. Are we sometimes different people on the outside than we are on the inside? How? Why is this true, do you think?
10. Who is a “real” American or Swede? What do you think of Mr. Neck’s opinion? Going by his definition, are some of you not really Swedes? How does that seem to you? __________________________________________________________

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