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Mind your manners, please!

Mind your manners, please 

“At this club we do the right thing, when we win and when we lose,” 
“I can’t stand laxness,” says Andersson

I am sure that all of you know who Janne Andersson is?
When you read the quotes above - what do you think the text we are going to read will be about?

1. Before we start reading we need to take a closer look at a few phrases.

Tidy up
evening off
the stage
scratch my armpits
experiences and beliefs
the pitch
a desire to behave well
All people gain from order 

The Guardian 2018

2. Read the text together in pairs. Make sure you understand the text. Help each other.

3. Summarize the text. What is the article about? What is important to Andersson? How would you describe his coaching philosophy?

4. Jürgen Klopp is another famous coach. Watch the clip below:

5.  Here we can read about The Leadership Philosophy of Jürgen Klopp  We will read the text together.  How would you describe Klopp's coaching philosophy?

6.  Which differences and similarities can you find when you compare the two coaches?

Write two circles as in the picture. To the left, you write what Andersson does/think about coaching that Klopp doesn't.
In the middle, you write what they have in common. What do both do? To the right, you write what Klopp does/think about coaching that Andersson doesn't.

7.  What qualities do you appreciate in a coach? What is important to you? Motivate your opinion.
How important is a coach? Can a team with great individual players win without a good coach?
Think about this individually and take notes. What is important to YOU.
Discuss your answers with your neighbour. Do you agree or disagree?

8. Homework for next time: 

 Go to app.seesaw.me and just follow the instructions. Sign in as a student and join your class. You will find the class code on the whiteboard! 

 Go to SEESAW and press the video recording button. The web camera will start and you start telling me your answers to the questions above. Remember to speak and not read when you answer the questions. Make sure I can see your face on the video. :) 
Don't worry - it is only I who will see your video.

/ Sara 

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