torsdag 25 april 2019

The Absolutely True... The end...

The Absolutely True Diary 

1. Today you will work in pairs and your first task is to talk about the book.
- Which character do you like the most? Why?
- Is there a character that you dislike? Why?
- Choose one scene from the book that makes you upset and one scene that makes you happy. Motivate your opinion.

2. Answer the questions below and hand in your answers in Google Classroom:
Remember that you have to develop your answers and not just answer with one or two sentences.

1. When Junior started school, he was completely ignored by the other students.  Why do you think that was?  
2. Things change for Junior when he seeks out Gordy, the smartest person in the class.  Did he need to have the courage to do that? Why is reaching out to others difficult?  Have you ever reached out to make contact with someone like that?  Have you ever wanted to reach out, but were too embarrassed or frightened to do so?  What difference did it make?
3. When Junior played the basketball game against the reservation team so well that they won, why didn’t he feel pure joy?  Have you ever “won” something that actually made you feel bad, instead of good?  
4. Write a short summary (about 100 words) of the end. What happened? Do you like or dislike the end? Motivate your opinion.  

Next week we will have a book talk. 
In pairs, you will come to me and we are going to discuss the book. You will get cards with different questions which you are going to discuss. During the next lesson, I will show you examples of the questions and what we are going to do. 
(Book talk 8CD1 the 30th of April, Book talk 8E the 2nd of May)

/ Sara

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