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Ringsjöskolan's radio show

Ringsjöskolan's radio show - "Summer talk" 

The Swedish radio show "Sommar i P1" is very famous and has millions of listeners. We are going to create our own radio show and we will use the same concept as in the famous program. 

Before we start our work, you will listen to a talk given by Maher Zain, who is a global music superstar with over 26 million followers on Facebook. His music is a mix between modern music from the East and the West, often with a religious hint.
His show is about his journey to stardom and what he has decided to do with it. He hopes that his story will inspire many experiencing difficult and confusing times. (sverigesradio.se) 
In class, we will take a closer look at how he has constructed his speech. We will also learn about the Magic of 3: 

If you need inspiration (in Swedish) you can also listen to these well-known talks: 
Here you can find many more: Sommar i P1 2018.  
This is what you will do: 
1. Your episode of Ringsjöskolan's radio show will be about YOU.  Your audience would like to hear about your thoughts, opinions, dreams and experiences. Choose one question, a problem or something you have experienced and let your audience know why it is important, what you know about it, what you have experienced and if you have any solutions to the problem. You may also give your audience advice.

2. Think about your episode. What would you like to talk about? Remember that that whole class will listen to it.  Create a mind-map where you work with the structure of your speech. Less is more! Make sure you have an introduction, a middle, a conclusion and a finish that are linked together.

3. When you listen to "Sommar i P1" you realize that the speaker jumps straight into the story he/she is going to talk about and after about one or two minutes he/she says: My name is ... and I am going to talk about...

4. Write your manuscript. You need to use the I-form when you are writing. Make the manuscript easy to understand and try to sound as if you are talking to your best friend. Try to "paint" with your language - you would like the listener to get pictures of your speech in his/her head.
Your talk needs to be 5-10 minutes and of course in English!
It is ok to help each other. Ask a friend or perhaps grandmum! They might add a perspective to your talk that you haven't thought about.  Show me the manuscript when you are halfway and when you are finished. I will give you feedback! (Here you can find inspiration on how to write your manuscript: Skrivmall)

5. If you would like to use music in your talk you can't use Spotify. You are only allowed to use music that is free to use:
If you include music, remember that you need to say who the artist is and what the song is called.

5. Practise, practise and practise... in your manuscript, underline when you need to make a pause or when you need to emphasise something.

6. Record your episode on your Chromebook. Use Screencastify and desktop mode. You can record your voice and as a background, you can have a picture that relates to your talk.
Hand in the link in Google Classroom.

Deadline: Monday the 20th of May at 9 o'clock.

/ Sara

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