söndag 8 september 2019

Feedback - improve your texts

Your letters

I have read all your letters and now you need to improve your texts. 

First of all, read through the checklist below and see if there is something you can
improve. Feel free to help each other. 


1. Do all sentences, people and places begin with a capital letter?
2. Do all sentences end with correct punctuation? (. , ? !)  Help: Punctuation 
3. Has the author written I with a capital I?
4. Are there varied sentence lengths?
5. Has the author remembered paragraph division?  Help: Paragraphs
5. Are there colourful and describing words?
6. Has the author followed the instructions on how to write a letter?
7. Is the text interesting and worth reading - if not - what can be improved?
7. Are the verb forms correctly written? Help: Verb
8. Did you check the text for spelling mistakes? 
Don't use Google Translate.

9. The last step is to go to Grammarly
- Sign in to Grammarly with your Google account.
- Click on NEW. Type the title of your text. 
- Go to the text you are working with and copy it. Then go back to Grammarly and paste it.
- Grammarly will now help you check your text for spelling and grammar mistakes.
OBS! When you have pasted the text into Grammarly - show me before you move on. 

-Click on the underlined words to find out what is wrong. Check the grammar and spelling mistakes and go back and forth to the text you are working with. 
- Take notes so you know what you need to learn and perhaps ask me about. 

10. Tell me that you are finished. Show me your notes and your text. 

11. Hand in your improved text in Google Classroom again. 

/ Sara 

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