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Once chapter 3-5, week 37

Once chapter 3-5 

You have now understood that the book takes place during World War 2.
Before we move on I would like to know what you already know about WW2.

1. Work in pairs and write down 5-10 things about WW2 that you already know.
2.  Write 3 things that you would like to know more about.

You will get a link to Padlet in Google Classroom. Click anywhere in the Padlet to
start writing.

3. Read chapter 4 and 5.

4. Answer the questions below:
Choose if you would like to write your answer or use SeeSaw and talk instead.
Just let me know what you prefer.

 ‘Once I saw a customer, years ago, damaging books in Mum and Dad’s shop. Tearing pages out. Screwing them up. Shouting things I couldn’t understand.’ 

1. Identify 2 things that unsettle Felix and explain how his thinking starts to change.
2. Felix has plans to help his Mum and Dad. What are they and what motivates him to take action?

‘Once I escaped from an orphanage in the mountains and I didn’t have to do any of the things you do in escape stories.’ 

1. List some of the reasons Felix considers himself ‘lucky’ (p.30)? List things you think he could complain about.
2. What indications are there – recognized or missed by Felix - that something is terribly wrong? What explanations does Felix come up with to make sense of things?

‘Once I walked all night and all the next day except for a short sleep in a forest and all night again and then I was home.’ 

1. Contrast Felix’s dreams with the reality of what he discovers when he makes it home.
2. Describe the range of emotions he experiences. Analyse the emotions he observes in other people that he meets at this point in the story. How would you classify them? (e.g.: negative, strong, fleeting...)

Homework for the 16th of September: 

Make sure you have read chapter 1-5, answered and handed in the answers in Google Classroom or SeeSaw. 

/ Sara 

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