onsdag 11 november 2020

Matilda chapters 6 -9

 Chapters 4–6 

Answer these questions. Work in your pairs and help each other. Both of you write the answers  in Google Docs. 

a How old is Matilda when she goes to school for the first time? 
b How many children does Crunchem Hall have? 
c How many other children are in Matilda’s group? 
d How old is Miss Honey?
e How many miles are on the clock of Miss Trunchbull’s car?
h How old is Hortensia?
i How many times was Hortensia in The Chokey in her first year? 
k Why does Matilda start going to school later than other children?
l Why does Miss Honey try to stay calm when Matilda multiplies twelve sevens? 
m Why does Miss Honey go to see Miss Trunchbull?
n Why does Miss Trunchbull like Mr Wormwood? …
o Why does Miss Trunchbull think Matilda is a bad girl? … 
p Why does Miss Honey go to see Matilda’s parents? … 
q Why doesn’t Mr Wormwood want to see Miss Honey? … 
r Why does Miss Trunchbull put children in The Chokey? …
s Why doesn’t Miss Trunchbull like Amanda’s hair? …

After reading the whole book: 

1. How do you like the ending? Why? Do you think the book should have ended in another way? Why/why not? If you want another ending, what would it be?
2. Try to sum up the book in a few sentences.
3. What do you think about the book? What did you, personally, learn from reading the novel?  Why was this story worth telling?

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