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The Bridge Home part one

Today, we will listen to the author when she helps us pronounce the Indian words and names that occur in the book: 

Pronunciation guide 

- Discussion:

First of all, individually - think about the question below. After a few minutes you will discuss it with your neighbour and at last we will together in class talk about what you have come up to. 

 If you had to leave home and could only take one backpack full of stuff, what would you bring?

Reading schedule:  

Week 46: page 1-40
Week 47: page 40 - 80 
Week 48: page 80-130
Week 49: page  130- 187 
Dead-line: 3rd of December

Today's work: 

1.. Working with vocabulary: Take a look at the words below and then make a note if you know the word well, have heard or seen it before or have no clue about the meaning. 

2.. Working with vocabulary: Quizlet . Here you can practice and also see the meaning in English. 

3.  Use the model below and fill in 5 of the "no clue" words. Use your notebook and a pencil. 

4. While and after reading I want you to think about the text you have read. 
When you have read 40 pages I want you to make sure that you have written  5 quotes and thoughts and answered the questions in the reading journal. Choose 5 questions from the list below. Make sure that you, at least once, have answered all of the questions when you have finished reading the book. 

 While you are reading, take notes and answer the questions in a Google document.

Reading Journal
  1.  What does the passage mean to you?

  2. What confuses you about the passage? Why is understanding this passage important to your response to the whole text?

  3. Does this passage relate to your personal experiences? In what way?

  4. How do you think the author feels about the ideas, events or characters he/she is presenting?

  5. Do the characters remind you of anyone else- in fiction, history or your own life?

  6. What do you get to know about the character (s) through this passage?

  7. Describe the main character/s. While reading, do you get any information on what they look like or what kind of persons they seem to be?

  8. Ask the main-character a question. Then answer the question as if you are the character.

  9. Is there anything in chapters you have read that you don't like at all? Explain why.

  10. What do you think will happen in the next 5 chapters?

/ Sara

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