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I have a dream...


How to write and work with a speech

The whole class: 

1. The magic of three

 Watch the film about the Magic of three and the film Speech: 

Group work: in your breakout rooms discuss:
Did you understand the film above? What did you find hard? Easy?
You are going to write your own I have a dream speech, but first you are going to help each other with ideas. What is a dream? Do you have any dreams? What can you write about?

You are going to write your own speech.
Below you have a model with sentences you can use when writing your speech.
1. Open a Google document. Copy these sentence and paste in your document.
2. Start writing your first draft.
3. When you are finished let me know and I will give you feedback on what to improve.
4. Re-write your text
5. Let me know that you are finished.
6. Now you need to practice before you are going to present your speech orally.
7. Read your text 3 times. In your head, think about which words you need to emphasize, where you need to make a short pause etc..
8. Work with supportive words. (stödord) Write down words that you will need for your memory. It is important that you speak freely and don't read from a screen.
9. Record your speech in Seesaw. I will help you when we have come this far.
10. Dead-line? It is hard to say since you are at home and not in the classroom. We have to talk about this. I will let you know.

Okey? Let's do this!

I have a dream that one day this nation will...
•I have a dream that one day...
•I have a dream that...
I have a dream today.
•I have a dream that one day...
I have a dream today.
•I have a dream that one day...
•This is my hope and faith. With this faith we
will be able to...

•This will be the day when...

A model speech to watch for inspiration : Rasmus

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