lördag 20 februari 2021

Punctuation marks

When I read your text about Holly I realized that many of you have troubles using punctuation marks correctly. This short video explains how and when you use: full stop (punkt), question mark (frågetecken) and exclamation mark (utropstecken). Remember to always start a new sentence with a capital letter (stor bokstav). It is important that you learn how to use punctuation marks and use them correctly. It doesn't matter which language you write in - you have to master punctuation! 
1. Watch this video! The video will automatically stop and ask you questions. Answer the questions. 
You will find the video in Google Classroom as well. 

2. Go to Google Classroom and work with the assigned worksheets. There are three worksheets to complete.
The worksheet will automatically be marked and you will know if you need to study more or if you have learned how to use punctuation marks. 

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