onsdag 19 maj 2021

Fanfiction year 7


Before we start working with fanfiction we need to know what it is. 

There are different types of fanfiction and we will take a closer look at the type called "cross-over"

You pretend to be someone in a famous book or movie and you re-write parts of the story.
You may as well take your favorite character and put it in a completely different movie or book. Let's say you put Spiderman into Frost and that Spiderman and Elsa fall in love. What do you think would happen in the story?

1. Read about Fanfiction
2. Decide what film or book you would like to write about (Pick a famous one!)
3. Decide which character you would like to be
4. Choose your favorite scene in the movie that you would like to re-write

Together are we going to create our first story. We work together and help each other so you all know what to do. Which film or book do you think we should work with? Tell me!

Inspiration: Fanfiction.net

How to write the story: 
Many pieces of fiction use a similar dramatic arc. It may be broken down as such:
  • The beginning. A beginning should set up the setting reasonably well, as well as introducing your central characters. Motivate why the characters meet. Why does Spiderman suddenly meet Elsa in Frost? 
  • Opening conflict. Something will often happen that sets a hero on his quest. This often (but not always) is the doing of the antagonist (en motståndare till ett verks huvudperson)  The rest of the story will involve the protagonist (huvudpersonen) trying to set things right again.
  • The story's middle. The middle of a story may be seen as the most important part of the story. This is where the story's world is fleshed out, character relationships are kindled and strengthened, and the stakes are gradually raised.
  • The low point. Before the story's resolution, there is usually a point where the character seems lost. 
  • The resolution. A climax wherein the protagonist triumphs. (wikihow.com)

2. We will, in class, write a scene together and help each other understand how to write fanfiction. 
3. Then you may choose if you want to write individually or in pairs. 
4. Deadline: June 3. 


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