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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night...

 “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light” (Dylan Thomas)

"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" is one of Thomas's most famous poems, and in fact, might be one of the most famous poems of the 20th century. 

Listen to it below, performed by the actor Michael Sheen.  

What do I need to know to understand this poem? 

The first three lines of “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” establish the poem’s themes and its form. This is a poem about death, and it makes a passionate argument about how people can face death with dignity.
 People shouldn’t just give up when they face death; the speaker doesn’t want them to be “gentle” about it. People need to fight bravely and fiercely against death. Old people should “burn and rave” when they face death—which the speaker calls “the close of day”
Due to the fact that the speaker mentions a “father” specifically in the final lines has led many to believe that this is Thomas’ father, making Dylan Thomas the speaker of the poem. 
* Stanza= related group of lines in a poem or song; a verse
(Source: Litcharts.com)

Live your life as if it is your last! 

Before you kick the bucket...

Things I would like to do before I kick the bucket! 

My bucket list: 

Before we start the game you need to learn four phrases: 
1. I am all in 
2. Been there, done that.
3. I am on the fence! 
4. That's not my cup of tea. 

* You will now work in groups of three. 
* You will get a worksheet and a dice. (You find the worksheet in the link above) 
* You take turns to roll the dice. The first throw indicates which row you should use, and the second throw indicates which column. 
* Now you speak about the idea that comes up in your column.
For example, if you throw a one and then a four, you talk about bungee jumping. Each player must explain to the others whether or not you have done the activity before and/or whether or not you want to do it.
 Do it like this:
If one player says "I am all in, the player to the right of you need to ask why and tell the player to motivate it. 

• ‘I’m all in’ – you ask  WHY
• ‘Been there, done that’ – describe the experience 
• ‘I’m on the fence’ – say WHY
• ‘That’s not my cup of tea’ – say WHY

(The game is created by y Karolina Wyrzykowska) 

My Bucket List and My Walk Down Memory Lane 

Your bucket list will be your very own guide to make your dreams come true. A common mistake is to follow someone else's dream and not your own. 

1. Write a list of ten things you would like to have done/ experienced/learned or reached before you turn 40. 
Things you may want to put on your list: 
- Goals to reach 
- Countries to visit 
- Adventures 
- Love/family 
- Work 
- I would like to learn... 
- Food to try 
- I would like to do this for fun...
- I would like to start doing this...
- I need to quit doing this... 

(During class I will show you how Bookcreator works. You will get a code so you can join my library) 

- Choose 5 things from the list you wrote. 
- On the first page start with the number 5 on your list. Write a headline with your number 5 dream. Explain why it is on the page and why it is number 5. Add a picture, film or perhaps music! 
- On the second page - number 4.. do the same as above.
- On the third page - number 3 
- On the fourth page - number 2 
- On the fifth page - number 1! Make your number 1 dream something extra so your audience will understand that this is something very special to you. 

3. On pages 6 and 7 write down two different memories from your three years at Ringsjöskolan. 

For example: 
I remember one day in the 7th grade when my friend X .. 
During one lesson something really weird happened...

4. On page 8 write down two things you will miss about Ringsjöskolan. 
Record yourself in Bookcreator while you talk to the class and tell them about your dearest memory. Make it short! 

For example: 

When I am an adult and will think back at Ringsjöskolan I will definitely remember Annica. She really cared about our class and showed it by...

I will miss reading so many exciting books during our English lessons! 



5. Deadline: Tuesday the 1st of June. Presentations will begin at 8.45 am. 

Presentations can be done in two different ways: 

1. Talk to the class and present your book. 
2. Record yourself while presenting your book. Show your film in class.
 (This will take more time than the first option. You need to work at home as well.)
(Use i.e Screencastify) 


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