söndag 2 oktober 2022

Let's play Mystery Skype with a class from another country!

 Today, Monday, you are going to try your first Mystery Skype.

Let's play! 

1. Some of you will be the "Google-group". You listen carefully to the questions and answers we get from the other class. By the answers you get you try to circle where in the world the other class is. 

2. Some of you will ask the other class questions. You can only ask yes or no questions. You see examples of questions below.  (Only those of you who feel comfortable talking to another class will be asked to do so)
3. The Google- group helps you with questions. 
3. The class that first finds out where the other is, wins!

Here are questions we can use:

1. Is your continent in the northern/southern hemisphere? (norra/södra halvklotet)

2. Is your continent in the eastern/western hemisphere (östra/västra halvklotet)

3. Is your continent near the Atlantic/Pacific/Indian/Arctic Ocean?

4. Is your continent N. America/S. America/Africa/Europe/Asia/Australia/Antarctica?

5. Is it a big/small country?

6. Do you speak English as a first language?

7. Is it very hot in summer and cold in winter? 

8. Is it north/south/east/west of...........? 

9. Does your country border another country?

10. Are there mountains in your country? 

11. Does your country have a coastline? 

12. Is......................the capital of your country? 

13. Is your country/state/Province north/south/east/west of...?

14. Is your city in the north/south/east/west of your country/state/province?

15. Is your city the capital of your country/state/Province?

Possible Clues:

Our time zone is...

Let the best class win!


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