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Week 35 Monday

Last time we read a text about Olivia and Oliver, who were twins. Even though they are twins they have their own identity and personality. 

It is pretty common to think about identity and who you are. 

  1. Think about and write down the answers to the questions below. Use Trelson! 

  2. It is perfectly fine to write just a few sentences per question as long as you write in English! 

    1. What are some characteristics or qualities that you believe define who you are as a person?

    2. How do your family, cultural background, and upbringing contribute to shaping your sense of identity?

    3. Can you think of a time when you felt proud of yourself? How did that experience relate to your sense of self?

    4. What are some hobbies, interests, or activities that make you feel most like yourself? How do these activities contribute to your identity?

    5. How do your friendships and relationships with others influence the way you think about yourself? Are there certain people who bring out different aspects of your identity? Do you act the same if you are with your closest friends, classmates, parents or grandparents? 

      Together in class, we will watch To This Day" ... for the bullied and beautiful, which is a Ted Talk by Shane Koyczan.  While watching, take short notes on key things he says. 

  3. - What is his main message?

  4. - How has his childhood and what happened to him shaped him into who he is today? 

  5. - Have you felt or encountered anything similar as Shane did? When? How did it make you feel?  

Week 35 Tuesday 


Individually - answer the questions below. Just a few sentences to help you remember. 
In pairs - discuss the questions. 
In class - discuss the questions. What did you talk about in your pair? 

1. What do you think of when you hear the word "cyberbullying"?
2. What examples of cyberbullying can you think of?
3. Do you think online bullying is worse or not as bad as physical bullying?
4. Is cyberbullying a problem among your friends?
5. What would you do if you or your friends were cyberbullied?
6. How do you think cyberbullying affects the lives of those bullied?
7. What responsibilities do the websites have in stopping it? 
8. What responsibilities do you and your friends have?  
9. What can you do if you are being attacked on social media? 

Week 36 Monday 



We will write in Trelson (I will show you how it works. Bring earphones if you have.)
I want you to write between 250-600 words size 12. 

Choose between:

1.  Write a letter to Shane in the video. 
- What would you like to tell Shane? 
Dear Shane, 
I just watched your Ted Talk and I really felt... 
I hope... 
All the best, 

2. Write a letter to yourself "What would I say to myself when I was being bullied?"

Dear Sara, 
You are such a strong individual, even if you don’t feel like you are. Even though your school peers make you feel bad about yourself, and dread runs through your veins every time you walk through the gates, you still get up every morning and go to school. That is so brave! 
First of all, I think ... 
I also believe... 

Best regards, 

/ Sara 

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