måndag 21 augusti 2023

Welcome back to school!

 Welcome back to school 

Today we will start the lesson by watching Kid President talking about how to make an AWESOME school year. What if we all made it our resolution to make this year awesome for somebody else? (resolution = löfte, typ nyårslöfte)

1. What can you do to make this school year awesome for somebody else? 
- Talk to a friend and try to come up with two suggestions. 
- Agree on one thing that you can do easily and for free. 
- Write your suggestion on the whiteboard. 

2. We will start with a short speaking activity! You will get a handout with a lot of different phrases. 

- Walk around the classroom and try to find someone who is able to answer yes to the questions on your handout. 

- You have to make questions out of the text on your card: 
Do you like spicy food? 
Are you born in January? 

- Before you start you have to make sure you understand the words on the card. We will talk about them in class. I will help you before you start. 

-When you find a friend who is able to answer your question - write his or her name in the square. 

- When you have five in a row - you shout: BINGO and let the rest of the class know the answers. 

Perhaps; Ludvig plays Fortnite every day, Sara has won a contest, Ellen is an only child, Malin hasn't had breakfast today and Hugo loves to swim.

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