söndag 5 oktober 2014

Soundcloud and conflicts!

During this lesson I want you work with the text below called Reading log 4.
1.Work in your groups and help each other.
2.Speak English during your discussions. Use an Ipad, Soundcloud, and
record your disussions.
3. Summarize your discussions here in the blog. Describe the conflicts. Use quotes from the book to show what the conflicts are about.
You can choose if you want to publish what you have talked about or if you want to write it as a comment. If you want to publish from Soundcloud – please let me know and I will help you. As always you publish here: www.thecolourofthehumanheart.se
Reading log 4. How far have you read? Page:
Almost all novels have conflicts of some kind. Sometimes they are between two or more people (external conflicts), and sometimes the conflict is within the characters themselves, (internal conflicts). Try to find examples of both of these kinds of conflicts. The character might for example be fighting with another character, and that would make an external conflict, or the character might be struggling with him‐ or herself over something he/she has done that he/she knows was wrong.
Describe the conflicts.
Give examples and use quotes from the book to show what those
conflicts are about.

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