söndag 2 november 2014

The dark history of London

We are going to watch a film: "The dark history of London" made by Linus.
He was in London a few weeks ago. His task was to make this film for you:

Linus's film

On Mondays we are going to work with http://www.schoolhistory.co.uk/lessons/ and on Fridays we will continue working with grammar.

You are going to work in your groups:

1. Naomi, Johanna J, Filippa -(Elisabeth 1)
2. Julia, Saga, Sarah - (King John)
3. Victoria, Johanna C (Spanish Armada)
4. Linus, Mira, Victor SB (Making of the UK)
5. Emil, Victor C, Philip N (Battle of Hastings)
6. Rasmus, Filip P (Jack the Ripper)
7. Filip E, William (Plague Doctors)

1. Choose one theme to work with. You find the different themes by clicking on the link above.

 - Legacy of the Romans
- Who should be king?
-Battle of Hastings
- Henry II and Beckett
- King Richard Lionheart
- King John (Prince John in Robin Hood)
- Elisabeth I
-Oliver Cromwell
-Guy Fawkes (you need to find your own information.)
-Plague doctors
-Jack the Ripper (you need to find your own information.)
- Spanish Armada
-Making of the UK

2. When you have chosen a theme follow the instructions here: http://www.schoolhistory.co.uk/lessons/ .
Your task is then to make a film where you teach the class what you have learned. Watch Linus's film for inspiration, but feel free to create something completely different. Just let me know.
Everyone is writing and everyone is of course speaking English during the project.
Share your work and thoughts with me: sarasv74@gmail.com

3. The film needs to be instructive, in English, minimum 3 minutes and maximum 7 minutes long.

4. Publish the film on www.thecolourofthehumanheart.se. You should also be able to present it in class. You need to create a quiz or small test to make sure the class isn't asleep during your presentation. Use Kahoot, Google forms or your own choice.
If you want to you can use the flipped classroom as a model. If you choose that model you need to tell me and the class what we need do in advance to be prepared for your history lesson.

5. You will need to work together at home as well. If you write together in Google Presentations it is not a problem. You can add Wevideo as an app to your Google Drive if you need to edit your film at home.
6. Your presentations will start: Monday 24th of November.

As always you will find the goal and aim of this project in Schoolsoft.


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