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The Wedding Trip - a project with 9A, 9B, 9C

The Wedding Trip - a project with 9A, 9B and 9C.

You have now found a partner that you love and the wedding was yesterday!

Today you are going on your honeymoon, but first you need to plan where you are going. You need to document your trip. Use pictures and film! You can use the computer, iPad and/or your phone.

Dead- line: 9th of March

What to do!

1. You have to visit an English speaking country.
- Shortly describe the country you have chosen.
2. You have to visit three famous places in that country.
- Describe the places. Why is it a famous place? What will you and your partner do when you visit it?

3. You have to participate in three activities that are typical of your country. For example: If you go to England you have an afternoon tea, if you go to the USA you watch baseball…

4. If you want to you can choose “your song”! Do you have a love song that means something special to you? Motivate why!

How you do it!

You can choose between making a film or a photo album. You present your film/photo album for Sara, Maria and Marie. You don't have to show everyone. You need to write a manuscript and also be able to present your film/photo album orally. (If you choose film you speak in the film and only need to introduce what you have done.)
Focus on your language - pronunciation and writing- and not on which app you would like to use. (Check out Schoolsoft for the knowledge requirements linked to this project.)

Choose one of the tasks:

Make a film – write a manuscript.
Remember it is a film from your wedding trip! Make sure we understand where you are, what you are doing and what you think about it!    (You don’t have to document your wedding night!)

Make your own photo album.
 Include pictures and text. Make sure we understand where you are, what you are doing and what you think about it.

Programs and apps that you can use:

Use Google Document when you write your manuscript. You need your Google account. Remember to share your document with your partner.

www.storyjumper.com  - to create photo albums
www.animoto.com or the app  - to create photo albums
www.magisto.com or the app -  to create photo albums
Google Presentations - you can share your presentations with your partner which means that you can continue working if your partner is ill.
PowerPoint - you can share your presentations
www.screencastomatic.com - use this to add sound to your pictures
Book Creator - an app where you can create your own book: add film, pictures and text.
Youtube Capture

Dead-line: Your presentations will start on the 9th of March.

Good Luck!

Marie, Maria and Sara

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