måndag 20 april 2015

Mystery Skype

Today we will start with a game! We will play Mystery Skype with another school.
The first class who finds out where the other is will win!

Then you are going to write essays.

You can choose between two subjects:

1. The holiday of my dreams

You have a long holiday coming up, and you have won a free ticket.
You can go anywhere you like in the whole world.
Describe where you would go, for how long you would stay away and what it would be like to be there. You can also describe what things you would miss about home.
Write about 150 words.

2. What is an honest friend

Write about an occasion when you realised that you could really trust your best friend or an occasion when you realised that you couldn't. Explain what happened and how you felt about it.

Before you start writing I want to watch this video:

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