söndag 13 september 2015

Once - Tuesday w. 38


I hope you have finished reading the book by now. 
During this week, please make sure that you have answered all the questions that we have worked with since we started reading the book. Have you shared your document with me: sarasv74@gmail.com ? 

Today you will work in groups and talk about the book. I will give you cards with different questions that you are going to discuss.  If you would like to take a look at the questions in advance you can find the cards below.

Help each other! Take notes during your discussions.
The groups will get 10 cards each to discuss. After 30 minutes, I will pick a card and the group that has that card has to tell the rest of the class what you have talked about. 

Homework for Friday is to read and start thinking of which task you would like to work with: 

News report or Documentary?

/ Sara

The cards below are originally in Swedish and from Sanoma utbildning.
I found them in a Facebook group!

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