fredag 20 november 2015

The Same Stars

You are going to start reading a book called The Same Stars. It is written by Gail Davidson - Bladh.
We will work a lot with vocabulary.
For Friday, please, read the first 40 pages. Then go to the blog: Never Give Up and answer two questions:
1. When you read the head line, what do you think the book will be about? Answer as a blog comment.
2. Choose 10 words that you can find in the text.
Find a least two synonyms to each word. Write down the sentence with the original word in it. Write your sentences as a blog comment in Never Give Up.
Write the same sentence again, BUT change the word you have chosen and now use the synonym instead. What happened with the text?
If you don't know what synonyms are you can find out here:

/ Sara

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