söndag 24 april 2016

Chapter 1-5

I want you to work individually and write a text about what has happened to Buck.
I want you write at least one A4 page where you summarize the book. What has happened to Buck? How does he feel? Where is he now? What do you think will happen to him? 
You need to finish writing today. 

Finished writing?
You may continue reading chapter 5 and work with the homework below: 

Homework for Tuesday the 26th of April: 
Read chapter 5 at home and summarize what happens in the chapter. I want you to be able to talk about and discuss the chapter during the lesson. 


Hand in your homework or if you have written on the computer share your doc with me: sarasv74@gmail.com.

In your groups:
1. tell each other what has happened in chapter 5.  Where is Buck now? What has happened? What do you think will happen to Buck in the next chapters? If you could change the story now- what would you do?
Speak English all the time!
2.  Underline words you don't know. Look them up in a dictionary.
Create your own word-list with as least 15 new words.  Help each other.
If you want me to create a Quizlet for you with your words - leave a copy of your words for me and I will fix it on Wednesday.

Homework for Tuesday the 3rd of May:
Learn your new words.

/ Sara

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