tisdag 3 maj 2016

Call of the Wild - chapter 6 and 7

On your own read chapter 6. Together we will listen to the last chapter.
After that, I want you to talk about these questions. Take notes while you are talking so you are able to discuss the questions in class.

1. Why does Buck love Thornton?
2.Compare Thornton to Buck’s other bosses. Differences? Similarities?
3. Why does Thornton love Buck?
4.What does the dog do for him?

 5-Hal hits Buck and Thornton talks to the dog. How do people usually teach animals?
What is the best way?

 6. Buck “started to feel something strange inside him.”
Is there something wild inside all dogs?

7.What do you think about the book?
Did you like it? Dislike it? Motivate your opinions.
 Have you read anything similar before?
Was the book too easy, ok or too hard for you?
Did you like the way we worked with the book? Anything that we could have done differently?

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