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Matilda ch 7-9 week 40

We will talk about the questions below:

a How old is Matilda when she goes to school for the first time? 
b How many children does Crunchem Hall have? 
c How many other children are in Matilda’s group? 
d How old is Miss Honey?
e How many miles are on the clock of Miss Trunchbull’s car?
h How old is Hortensia?
i How many times was Hortensia in The Chokey in her first year? 
k Why does Matilda start going to school later than other children?
l Why does Miss Honey try to stay calm when Matilda multiplies twelve sevens? 
m Why does Miss Honey go to see Miss Trunchbull?
n Why does Miss Trunchbull like Mr Wormwood? …
o Why does Miss Trunchbull think Matilda is a bad girl? … 
p Why does Miss Honey go to see Matilda’s parents? … 
q Why doesn’t Mr Wormwood want to see Miss Honey? … 
r Why does Miss Trunchbull put children in The Chokey? …
s Why doesn’t Miss Trunchbull like Amanda’s hair? …

Before we start reading chapter 7, 8 and 9 we will talk about: 

Discuss with your neighbour.

1. Have you ever played a joke on a teacher? What happened? 
2. What do you think will happen when Miss Trunchbull finds the newt in her 
glass of water?
3. Look at the picture on page 29 and discuss the following questions:

  • What is the house like? Is it big or small? Is it new or old? Is it nice or not nice?
  • Where is the house located?
  • Who do you think lives in the house? Why do you think this?
  • Would you like to live in the house? Why or why not?
3. Chapter 7 is called Matilda's Eyes. Why, do you think? 
4. Look at the pictures on page 33 and 34 and discuss the following questions:
- Why is Miss Trunchbull holding a leg in her hand?
- What do you think has happened to Miss Trunchbull (p.34) ? Why do you think she is lying on the floor with her eyes shut?

I will read these chapters and you can just relax and listen! 

After reading: 
Phrases to talk about: 

" I think they do it on purpose"  What do you do - when you do something on purpose? 

"Don't be rude" - What do you say or do if you are being rude to someone? 

"He's clever at his business" - What does it mean? Is it something good or bad? Can you give an example of someone being clever at his/her business? 

" I will not waste any of my time in here" - Have you ever felt that you wasted your time on something? When and why? 

" Do you live by yourself, Miss Honey?" What does it mean to live by yourself

" nobody can find his will " What is a will? 

Work with your neighbour and answer the questions below. Both of you need to write! 

  1. What question does Miss Trunchbull ask Rupert?
  2. What word does Miss Trunchbull ask Eric to spell?
  3. What does Miss Trunchbull call Matilda’s father?
  4. How old was Miss Honey when her father died?  
  5. How much does Miss Honey pay to live in the little house?
  6. Who is Miss Honey’s aunt?
  7. What does Matilda do with the pieces of chalk?
  8. Why does Miss Trunchbull leave the village?
  9. What arrives at the office?
  10. Imagine that someone who hasn't read the book asks you about it - How would you describe the story? Is it a good story? Why? Why not? What is it about? What are the people in the story like? Do you like or dislike any of them? Motivate your opinions.

We will work with these tasks during the lessons on both Monday and Thursday.

/ Sara

The questions above are inspired by and Jossan's classrom.

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