onsdag 19 oktober 2016

Writing in groups

Work in the following groups: 

1. Linus, Felicia, Elin A
2. Emil, Sara, Alec
3. Truls, BC, Elias Hellgr, 
4. Elin E, Elias Horstm, Therese
5. Oliver, Anton, Lukas 
6. Alexander, David, Alex, Elias W. 

Task number 1: 

Write in a google document that you share with me: sara.bruun@eduhoor.se 
Remember that I want you to speak English during your discussions. Help each other. 

1. Read the text Giving Life together. 
. Use the picture Personal narrative and try to identify:
- Who is the story about?
- Where and when does it take place?
- Is there a "hook"?
- Is the text in a chronological order? How do you know?
- Can you find any sensory details? Give examples. 
- Can you find any words that describe what she feels like? Give examples. 
- Which is the conclusion?
- How can this text be improved? Give examples. 
Task number 2: 
Write your own personal narrative together in your group. One of you creates a Google document that is shared with the others in the group. Then you are able to write in the same document. Your text has to be finished at the end of the lesson on Tuesday. 
Choose between: 
Last summer we had dinner with Justin Timberlake.  
Last week we fooled our teacher. 
Task number 3: 
When you think your text is finished - share it with the first name in the different groups. 
Group 1 to 2
You are now going to give feedback on the texts. Read the text together.
Use the questions you worked with when you read Giving Life. You find the questions at the top of this page. 
Write your answers under the text.
Also give feedback on grammar and spelling. 
Is the text written in the past tense? Are the verb forms correct? 
When you are finished - go to the other group and tell them your feedback. Be nice! Remember that your group also will get feedback. 

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