söndag 8 oktober 2017

Global Goals - Earth Song- Heal the World

 1. In your groups - listen to the song and read the lyrics.
Earth Song
Heal the World
Man in the Mirror

Discuss and take notes so you remember:

What do you think about the song? Do you like or dislike it?
Why do you think Michael Jackson wrote the song?
What do you think he wants to say with the song?
What do you think about the video? Are the videos and lyrics well connected?
Can you think of any other artists that have written songs about changing the world? Try to find examples and show the rest of the class.

3 .
Michael Jackson is famous and his songs have an impact on people all over the world. He has tried to change the world with his songs about i.e environment, and racism.
Do you think he succeeded?
Is it possible to make a difference with music?
Do you think that unknown people can make a difference?
Give examples of what we can do?

The name of our project is GlobalGoals1718.
When you think about our environment in Höör and in Sweden -
what do you think we need to change to heal and save the planet? What can you do to make a difference? What can the class do? What can we in Sweden do?
Write your thoughts here:

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Find a song that you like and that you think the artist has written because he or she wants to make a change.
Think about our planet. Find two problems that need to be changed to save the planet.
Remember to check your source. Is the problem a real problem? Who has created the web page? How do you know that it is for real?
Write in a Google Doc- only a few sentences.

/ Sara

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