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Character spotlight

Character Spotlight

In pairs, read about your character. Write down supportive words. Be able to tell your friends about your character. 

Who was he or she?
Where did he/she live?
What happened to him/her?

Emmanuel Driggus

Mum Bett

Harriet Jacobs


Maria Stewart

Nat Turner 

John Punch

Robert Smalls 

2. Read the text together.
To the right, you can see a box with questions.
Click on the headline: Assessment and answer the questions. Take notes and help each other.
Above the box, you see different symbols. If if you would like to listen to the text just click the play button. If you need to translate a word click the symbol that looks like a book.
Gather words you don't understand and make a wordlist.


Homework for Tuesday week 47: 

Watch the film:

1. You are a journalist that secretly meets one of the slaves that we have read about. You are now able to write a newspaper article and report to the world what has happened to the person you have met.
You make an "interview" with the person and when you write your article you include quotations from the interview. You want your article to be a clickbait so think carefully about your headline!

You need to plan your text before you start writing. Follow the instructions in the video. You don't need to write the whole text at home. Only plan it.
You will write when we see each other on Tuesday.

/ Sara

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