måndag 22 januari 2018

ONCE - week 4

This week I will be in London. Here are instructions for Tuesday and Thursday: 

In class, listen until page 16.  ( You find the link in Google Classroom) 

Together in the group, I want you to discuss and answer the questions below. Help each other!

1. Describe and discuss your first impressions of Felix and Mother Minka.  Choose one other character introduced in the opening chapter. 
 - What do you think they look like?
 - What kind of persons are they?

2.  Why was it so special that Felix found a whole carrot in his soup?

3. Continue reading on your own. When the lesson on Thursday is finished I want you to have read until page 56. 

4. Answer the questions below. Write individually and hand in your text to me in Google Classroom.

1a. How does the novel start? Choose one of the alternatives. Does it start with…..
• somebody saying something
• a description (of the environment or of a character)
• something happening
• an explanation of the background to the story
• something else
Copy the first sentence of the book.

1b. Do you think it's a good beginning? Why?
1c. Was it easy or difficult to ”get into” the book?

2. Choose a quote from the book that you think is interesting, funny, irritating,... Copy it and explain why you chose it. What happened before this quote and what happened afterwards?
3. What do you think about the author's descriptions of the environment? Are they too long, too few, beautiful, realistic, etc? The environment is not just the landscape. It's also feelings,... Give examples and use quotes from the book!
4. Once I stayed awake all night, waiting for mum and dad to arrive...
What memories does Felix have of his parents? Do you think his parents will show up? Why? Why not? Motivate your opinions.
5. The men were burning books. What did Felix "think" that the men in the armbands were doing? What were they actually doing and why?
6. Why is Felix's notebook important to him? Give examples. 
7. What do you think about the story so far? Why? Give examples and use quotes from the book!

Choose one or two characters to describe.
Ask yourself these questions: Who is the character I’m describing? What do I think about his or her personality and why?
Describe what the person means to the novel and how he or she has been acting up until the point you’ve read. How do those actions make you feel? Try to describe them as carefully and detailed as possible and relate them to quotations/give examples from the novel.

Go to Ef Class. Continue working with Commonly confused words and Improve your spelling. 

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