torsdag 1 februari 2018

SPEAK - part 1. Writing

Write individually and hand in Google Doc to me in Google Classroom:

1a. How does the novel start? Choose one of the alternatives. Does it start with…..
• somebody saying something
• a description (of the environment or of a character)
• something happening
• an explanation of the background to the story
• something else
Copy the first sentence of the book.

1b. Do you think it's a good beginning? Why?
1c. Was it easy or difficult to ”get into” the book?

2. Choose a quote from the book that you think is interesting, funny, irritating,... Copy it and explain why you chose it. What happened before this quote and what happened afterwards?
3. What do you think about the author's descriptions of the environment? Are they too long, too few, beautiful, realistic, etc? The environment is not just the landscape. It's also feelings,... Give examples and use quotes from the book!

1. What happens in the cafeteria that makes Melinda run out of the lunchroom? 2. How is Melinda’s attitude in her art class different from her attitude towards her other classes? 3. Describe the globe Mr. Freeman uses in his class, and explain how he uses it. 4. Describe how the students at Merryweather High School treat Melinda. Give at least three examples from the text to support your answer. 5. How does Melinda’s family communicate? 6. Describe Melinda’s new hiding place at school. 7. What did Melinda do that has caused everyone at school to hate her?
8. (p. 14) Family communication: How does communication break down in Melinda’s family? What could each person do to improve it? If you were a parent, how would communication be in your family?
9. (p. 15) How does Heather’s room express her personality?
 Why does Melinda feel that her room does not express her personality? How does your room express (or fail to express) who you are?
10. (p. 20) Why do we sometimes not like people who are really good at things, like sports, music, art, or school? Is that fair? Are adults like this?

(Questions are inspired by Mrs Pilgreen.)

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