onsdag 14 mars 2018

How to write a reflective paper

We have now finished reading the book Speak and you are going to learn how to write a reflection.  Below you find a video from www.loveyourpencil.com, which describes important things to think of. We will watch the video together and I will help you understand it.
When you write a reflection, you write your thoughts about something, rather than writing a summary or description of something. 

You are going to write about and reflect on the book we have read. Last time we talked about different topics to reflect on. Use what you have learnt from reading the book and by participating in our classroom discussions. Remember to give examples so the reader will understand what you mean.
This time I have only decided the text type, but I haven't told you exactly what to write about. If you need help to get started, please let me know as soon as possible.   

/ Sara

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