måndag 5 mars 2018

SPEAK - You must walk alone to find your soul

Today I am with my year 9 students in Helsingborg at Språkolympiaden.

First of all, today you will have a reading comprehension.  Dictionaries, Chromebooks or phones are not allowed to use.

When you have finished the reading comprehension:

Answer question number 4 in English. 
Choose 3 other questions and write your answers in English. Write at least 80 and maximum 100 words per question. Work individually and hand in your answers in Google Classroom.  You will get the lesson on Thursday as well to finish this task. You don't have to write at home, but you might want to prepare by creating a mind-map?
  1.  What should we value in other people? What qualities are important in a person? What do you usually notice first about someone? Does that matter or not?
  2. (99) Was being a child better than being a teenager? In what ways? In what ways is it better to be older? Why is it hard to be in-between childhood and adulthood?
  3. (109) Melinda wishes her science teacher would teach them about love and betrayal instead of about the birds and the bees. Where do we learn about things like that? Can we learn about love from a book? Explain?
  4. (118) Mr Freeman tells his class, "You must walk alone to find your soul." What does this mean? Is it true? What is a soul?
  5. (122) Mr Freeman also says that "art is about making mistakes and learning from them." What else is like this? Explain.
  6. (153) Mr Freeman, again! He tells Melinda that "nothing is perfect. Flaws are interesting." He's literally talking about a drawing of a tree, but what do you think he really means?
  7. (159) David is a true friend to Melinda, but he tells her something she may not want to hear. He says that people have to speak up for their rights, referring to the suffragettes. What should his words mean to her?
  8. (187) Melinda's father explains to her that the arborists are cutting off disease and damage to make it possible for the tree to grow again. How can the pruning of the tree be compared to Melinda's life?
  9. Melinda thinks that she has been raped. Do you agree or disagree? 
/ Sara 

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